A poem for my mom

Dear Mom I am a big girl now as you told me  I may not need you to hold me But I only strive because you support me.  Please forgive me for hanging up on your calls,   for the short talks and goodbyes. I’m sorry for not always being grateful,  but I always cherish the... Continue Reading →


You remember it all. I know that you remember. You remember what all I had said to you that night.  You chose to become my friend, knowing that I'll take you as one more of my fake friends. You chose to come close to me, knowing that I'll never be close enough to you. You... Continue Reading →


  The biggest of all fools is "I" As in the first to begin. After a march so long, used and discarded like a tasteless gum// What an odd sensation to be a victim to my demons Ha! Their persuasive way of speech One more slight movement and the inner Goddess would soar.

The Reverie Boy

Somewhere in that hazy world of neither here nor there, we belonged. Belonged, long to be. I wonder if it sounds strange. But semantics aside, I like it. Makes me feel in this huge world of 7.4 billion, I make a difference, that I have a rightful place. Secured. For ages that I fantasized about him, I knew that... Continue Reading →


Sturdy breath, weak control and brittle bones, we desire to continue. Handcuffed to support,  mind in a thwart,  desire is merely what matters  blindfolded we walk thought about the humanity that shatters?  We will hurt anyone  just to listen to what we want  Right or wrong. We will search for glory, to have the fame ... Continue Reading →

A moment to complete

There are certain things that complete us. Even though, we’re never incomplete yet those things make us feel better and oddly slightly alive. We get lost in those things. Don’t we all get lost; on road, in others and seldom even in our ourselves? Well, as for me, getting lost in books is one my... Continue Reading →

? E V O L

Why is that “love” at a certain age becomes such an influential word? All these confessions about thriving in the shadows of one another It is getting to me now. Even the Chrysler Tower was built to outwit the French, not as a monument of love. So what faith do you keep in it? Love?... Continue Reading →


Remember when I talked about those terrible anxiety moments, I just can’t get over them. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just thinking too fast. Way too fast. I’m too full of something that is so hard to define and it's thwarting. All of this started when I was thirteen, I’ve no clue how, but it... Continue Reading →


‘You must know how to love yourself before you start loving anybody else’. Quite familiar with this one, right? In the process of loving someone so much, you somewhere break the bond with yourself, as if you’re lost.  But getting lost is not such a bad thing instead it’s a very courageous thing, capitulating yourself... Continue Reading →

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